Interface Summary
ClassXformer Application-specific pre- and post-processors for Quilt classes.
GraphXformer Transform the graph, possibly using information from ClassGen and MethodGen.
MethodXformer Process a MethodGen method before and after graph creation and manipulation.
RunTest Interface implemented by all classes synthesized by ClassFactory.

Class Summary
BytecodeCollector Collects the bytecode for a method while walking the method control flow graph.
CatchData Data structure describing an exception handler.
ClassFactory Class synthesizer.
ClassTransformer Transform a JavaClass, if there are any class, method, or graph transformers.
CodeVertex A Vertex extended to carry the initial bytecode offset, line number, and an instruction list.
ControlFlowGraph Directed graph extended for use in analyzing method instruction lists.
GraphTalker Walks through a control flow graph, displaying information about each vertex and edge.
GraphTransformer Build the control flow graph for a method, apply an arbitrary number of GraphXformers to it, and then collapse the graph back to an instruction list.
MethodTransformer Optionally preprocesses a method, optionally transforms its control flow graph, optionally postprocesses it.
QuiltClassLoader Quilt's transforming class loader.
SortedBlocks Manages an index into the bytecode vertices in a method's control flow graph.
TryStacks Manages try/catch blocks.

Exception Summary
GraphBuildException An exception that occurs while building a control flow graph for a method.

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