Class BatchTest

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BatchTest
extends QuiltTest

Stores Ant filesets and convert them to QuiltTests.

Jim Dixon

Constructor Summary
BatchTest( p)
          One-arg constructor.
Method Summary
 void addFileSet( fs)
          Method used by Ant to add filesets.
 void unbatch(Scheduler sch)
          Converts the fileset names into QuiltTests and adds them to the list of tests maintained by the scheduler.
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Constructor Detail


public BatchTest( p)
One-arg constructor.

p - The project that the QuiltTask is in.
Method Detail


public void addFileSet( fs)
Method used by Ant to add filesets. Ant first calls createBatchTest, then in a second pass calls this method to add filesets.

fs - One of possibly many filesets within the batch test


public void unbatch(Scheduler sch)
Converts the fileset names into QuiltTests and adds them to the list of tests maintained by the scheduler. This can only be done once; after the tests are unbatched, the vector of batch tests is deleted.

sch - Scheduler responsible for maintaining list of tests and scheduling the actual running of tests.

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