Class Class Todos Count Method with Todos 5 0
org.quilt.cover.stmt.StmtRegistry 0 1
org.quilt.reg.Registry 0 1
org.quilt.reports.FmtSelector 0 1
org.quilt.reports.XMLFormatter 2 0
org.quilt.textui.Textui 1 0

Class Todos
Add code for generating a method with nested tries.
Need a test method with multiple catches on a single try.
Add code for a method with a finally clause.
Make the prefix used to flag classes to be synthesized either a static constant of the class or a parameter to the class constructor.
Longer term: come up with a more generalized way for specifying classes to be synthesized; these should allow for more than just the constructor and runTest() methods.


Method Todos
getReport(): More elaborate reports.


Method Todos
keySet(): Replace with first/next/last access.


Method Todos
createFormatter(): Modify Textui to accept 'types' on the command line.
createFormatter(): Make sure extension corresponds to type.


Class Todos
Restructure to produce one XML document for the entire Ant/Quilt run. This needs to be held by the class managing the whole run, QuiltTask if it is an Ant run. Simplest solution: when the test is not forked, pass back the document as a tree instead of serializing it in text form to output. The manager can then merge the trees and output a single document for the run.
Add flag to suppress generation of (quite verbose) properties element.


Class Todos
Modify to permit types (brief, plain, summary, xml) on the command line.