Quilt's Goals

Quilt is designed to bring easy to use, robust and comprehensive code coverage to the average Java developer.

Ease of Use

Quilt tries to leverage existing popular projects in its attempt to be easy to use. If you know how to use JUnit, you should be able to use Quilt.

Currently, Quilt is integrated into two development tools:

  • Jakarta Ant
  • Jakarta Maven (coming real soon)
These tools make it easy to integrate Quilt into the projects build process. Hopefully, the Maven tool will also provide pretty reports, but they aren't there yet.


JUnit Quilt works on the Bytecode of a class, and not from the Java Source. Because of this, there is no seperate compile phase to add to the CM headaches that coverage tools sometimes bring to a project.

Additionally, since Quilt is self contained, it requires very little setup in order to get it running.


Currently Quilt has two methods of instrumenting the code for getting at Statement and Branch coverage. However, it is written in a way to add new coverage techniques quickly and easily.

In the future, Quilt will try to provide Acyclic Path Coverage, Relational and Loop coverage. Being easy to add to, Quilt can keep on top of what people want in their coverage tool.