Quilt 0.4-alpha

Ant Integration works a lot better now.

ClassLoader's actually do their job. It should make it work under a much larger set of programs.

Quilt 0.2-alpha

Introduced junit.quilt.cover.ball94.B94Registry. It should run faster than the State Machine durring execution, but it is slow when generating the report.

The Ant task is looking up. It should be working soon, if not now. I really need to come up with a way of testing it.

I am using Jakarta Maven (http://jakarta.apache.org/turbine/maven/) as my build system now. As such, get the "mquilt" package from CVS, and get Maven if you would like to build Quilt.

Quilt 0.1.01-Alpha

Fixed problem with Loop instrumentation.

Quilt 0.1-Alpha

First public build of Quilt.

Some problems are known, but it passes all of its Unit Tests. Enjoy, more releases are around the corner.